25 years on…

April 22, 2016 3:00 pm

As part of our recent office refurbishment, we discovered a plethora of ‘historic’ gems hidden within our storage archives, including the following brp architects team photo from 1991!

Further to a number of jovial ‘discussions’ regarding the fashions of the day, including the hot topics of clothes and hairstyles, we thought it would be good fun to recreate an up-to-date version.

As can be seen, the office surroundings, decor and personnel may have changed a little, but the core values of the Practice remain – a close-knit team, with a hard-working, professional attitude and a dedication to service the needs of our clients.

1991 summer

1991 Photograph

After 25 years since the original staff photo, it is probably not surprising that only 2 members of staff from the original team still remain. Can you spot them?

2016 brp team photo

2016 Photograph

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