Getting a better insight into our building model information with BimX

September 28, 2015 3:36 pm

Further to our previous article, “Planning permission granted for new IVF Clinic in Wickford“, we thought we would share with you a video representation of the format we have used to convey the 2D and 3D information with to our client, The Healthcare Property, who have given us positive feedback regarding the ease of use and continuity of information in their first BimX experience.

Click the video below for a taster of the capabilities of this platform, in our 1 minute video, demonstrating the potential of this new advanced 2D/3D communication tool.

BimX and BimX-pro are apps, best used on an iPad, that are available for download by anyone. At brp architects, we can supply our clients and others with the 2D/3D information required to convey building model information in the simplest way possible.

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