Good Architects pay for themselves…

February 27, 2013 2:41 pm

How can you save money on your build if you’re on a tight budget?

The general ethos for saving money on your build is to do as much work yourself as possible. Whilst this is true in some cases, you will be prone to running into problems.

On projects large and small it is vitally important to ask the advice of a professional.

Good architects will pay for themselves by maximising opportunity and negotiating you through the numerous pitfalls, not only saving unnecessary cost but adding value. Undoubtedly it is worth contacting or hiring an architect.

Many Clients undertake building projects only once in a career or even a lifetime and will not have the benefit of experience – why trust the success of your project to luck?

How good architects will pay for themselves?

  • Established architects have a wealth of experience accumulated over numerous completed projects.
  • Can help you focus on your needs as well as wants, developing a sustainable brief.
  • Are able to explore, identify and capitalise on opportunities.
  • Understand design efficiency and value for money.
  • Mindful of longer term costs of maintenance, repair and replacement not just the initial cost.
  • Understand the ever increasing complexity of statutory obligations, from Planning Applications, Building Regulations, Party Wall matters, Equality, Construction Health & Safety… to name but a few.

In the lead up to Grand Designs Live, Kevin McCloud championed and advocated the numerous benefits of employing an Architect…


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