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August 9, 2016 10:51 am

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As part of a new series of articles, we carried out a ‘quick-fire’ question and answer session with all members of staff at brp architects with the aim of publishing the answers from 1 member of staff each month. It’s a bit of fun, and we hope you enjoy reading and getting to know us a little better.

What would you be doing, if you weren’t doing your current role?
“Professional Snooker Player”

Where would you live, if you could go anywhere in the world?
“Undecided, but somewhere with a warmer climate!”

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?
“Ask more questions”

What is your favourite building?
“Gaudi’s – Sagrada Familia, Barcelona”

What is the one thing people wouldn’t guess about you / secret skill?
“I can move my little toes independently from the rest”

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? Did you do it?
“Fireman (Weliphant)”

What is your favourite aspect of your job?
“Variety in responsibilities”

What/ who inspires you?
“The parents”

What project are you working on right now?
“Marketing projects, Social housing refurbishments”

What is your favourite film?
“Pulp Fiction”

Where do you see the industry in 10 years?
“Less bespoke design opportunities for new build, sadly”

If you could invite 3 people to dinner, past or present, who would you invite?
“JFK, Richard Dawkins, Russell Brand”


Tune in next month for more Quickfire Questions with another member of staff.

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