No pain, no gain – Tough Mudder takes its toll!

May 22, 2017 1:53 pm

Well, after what seemed like an episode of Casualty, The Krypton Factor and Dad’s Army all rolled into one, we are pleased to report that Chris Woods and Lee Hankins from Team BRP completed the Tough Mudder course at Belvoir Castle on Saturday 20 May…although ‘survived’ may have been a more appropriate description in the case of Lee!

“the occasional electric shock to the head”

With a fractured rib incurred on Obstacle No.1 and a deep cut to his leg, down to the bone, on Obstacle No.2 (note: at this point he is just over a mile into the 10.5 mile course), Lee soldiered on – even after the medical team told hime to withdraw – and completed the course alongside the rest of the team in approximately four hours. It is fair to say that the on-course medical treatment, and having to wait at nearly every obstacle due to the volume of participants slowed things down, however, given the fact neither Chris nor Lee were in what would be described as the ‘peak of physical fitness’, these periods of downtime were welcomed!

“injuries, cuts, bruises and loss of dignity”

All in all, it was a great day, with plenty of mud, laughter and the occasional electric shock to the head (not pleasant)…and all for a good cause. We are pleased to confirm that a huge number of people clearly found the prospect of the BRP Chuckle Brothers trying to get themselves around a pretty tough assault course was worthy of a donation to the fund set up for Jack, Lee’s little boy. Although the fund has had a significant boost over the last few days there is still a little way to go to reach the target, therefore if people wish to make a donation then please feel free to click the weblink below;

Finally, the word in the office is that, despite all the injuries, cuts, bruises and loss of dignity, the chaps have stated (on the record) that they enjoyed it that much they are already signing up for next year’s event. Chris has also confirmed that he is enlisting his wife-to-be as well – although apparently this is a case of him testing the ‘put your money where your mouth is’ theory, following her proclamations she would be able to do it…and better!

Watch this space and see if they deliver on the promise!!!

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